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Purple Splat

Just added a new project: The Relationship between Mathematics and Musical Temperament covering the origins of musical intonation and its basis in Mathematics. For all web site designers: there is a mathematical application to perfect and efficient web site building. Scheduling using critical paths and cascade activity diagrams. Down the Slide models a projectile as it falls from the end of a slide at varying angles. For my first A Level Statistics module, I investigated and compared newspaper readability between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers and for the next module I compared bivariate data sets of average sentence and word length in The Independent newspaper articles. The traveling salesman algorithm was used to find the shortest route for a cycling holiday in Brittany, France. There is also a small sample of my GCSE coursework looking at sine and cosine graphs. This is really rudimentary compared to the Advanced Differential Equations module at A level.

Cascade activity diagram showing events needed to build a web site without any problems

Comparison of results obtained in 'Down the Slide'

MS Word Grammar check used to collect data for my Newspaper Readability Statistics coursework

Some of my notes for my Pure 3 Maths module

Purple Splat

Watch this space for an upcoming Maths coursework  finding solutions to graphs using three different methods.

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