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Purple Splat

Huge selection of amazing icon libraries to liven your everyday computer work. The majority of icons are held within Icon Libraries (ICL), so you will need the Icon Library patch or Microangelo to view within Windows.

|| Name || || Description || || Size || || Downloads ||
Icons Age of Empires Icons Selection of units from the Age of Empires series 115 KB 3,438
Icons Cartoon Icons Cartoons from Ace Ventura to Looney Tunes  160 KB 3,159
Icons Dune II Icons Huge icon library covering all areas of this classic game 120 KB 1,216
Icons Eyecons The name says exactly what they are in full colour 60 KB 1,334
Icons File Icons Icons that can replace existing views of boring files 50 KB 3,747
Icons Flag Icons Some representation of countries as their flag  30 KB 1,343
Icons Folder Icons Use Microangelo to transform folders depending on their content  80 KB 2,190
Icons Games Icons Brilliant set of icon libraries from many different games 570 KB 2,130
Icons General Icons Icons that can be used anywhere on your computer 90 KB 4,333
Icons Icon Selection Some hot icons that I found lying around on my computer  90 KB 2,269
Icons KKND2 Icon Pack 1 See what KKND 2 Krossfire has to offer from this icon pack 60 KB 699
Icons Monty Python Icons Some neat icons from the Monty Python sketches and films 70 KB 1,292
Icons More Simpsons Icons Continuing where the other icons libraries left from 140 KB 940
Icons Office Buttons Replace Office buttons and shortcuts with these colourful icons 50 KB 2,430
Icons Simpsons Icons Very comprehensive set of icon libraries of the entire Springfield town 150 KB 2,010
Icons Star Trek Icons Large icon library from all the Star Trek series 90 KB 1,022
Icons Star Wars Icons Pictures from the original Star Wars movies 70 KB 1,399
Icons System Icons Remake Windows as you see fit, personally created by Nahoo 80 KB 3,667
Icons View Icon Libraries Registry entry which previews the main icon of an ICL file within Windows 40 KB 2,702 - Customised PHP Programming and MySQL Databases

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