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Spice up your programs or Windows using some of these great utilities.

|| Name || || Description || || Size || || Downloads ||
Utility Create Noid Create your own complete Internet setup files 1.3 MB 328
Utility CuteFTP 4 The best FTP client around 1.4 MB 258
Utility DosBox 0.62 MSDOS Emulator to play older games without problems 820 KB 2,131
Utility ICQ Plus 2.05 Actually make ICQ look cool with this skin machine 1.2 MB 113
Utility IE 5 Skin Introduce skins into Internet Explorer 5 600 KB 369
Utility IE 5 Tweak Add some special features to Internet Explorer 5 105 KB 431
Utility ISO Buster Converts and manages many types of ISO formats 1.6 MB 852
Utility MSN 7 Universal Patcher ++ Quickly removes all banners and other pointless bits on MSN 7 124 KB 52
Utility MailMask Hides your email address from SPAM spiders by converting email text to images 210 KB 363
Utility NS Fullscreen Transform dull Netscape viewing by taking over the screen 380 KB 91
Utility Partition Magic 4 Quickly fix up partitions on your hard drive without the need to reformat 1.5 MB 2,200
Utility Partition Magic 6 Great hard drive partition utility that supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP 1.9 MB 1,143
Utility Putty The standard in Telnet and SSH clients 325 KB 77
Utility Quick Dialer Fastest dial-up tool around, basically nagging the server until a connection is established 280 KB 243
Utility TextHelp Efficiently reads the words on your screen 8.7 MB 196
Utility Windows 98 SE Boot Official Windows 98 second edition boot disk 1 MB 419
Utility Windows Image Resizer Resize images directly in Windows Explorer 520 KB 78
Utility Windows ME Boot Official Windows ME boot disk with the lastest copy utilities 1 MB 251
Utility Windows XP Boot Official Windows XP boot disk with all you need to start XP 1 MB 1,135 - Customised PHP Programming and MySQL Databases

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