SimCity 2000

Purple Splat

The single most popular game at secondary school, Humphry Davy was overcome by this IT nightmare... brilliant. The ongoing mission aim of the SimCity series is to to build a successful city with your own personal stamp on it. In the photo example below, I have loads of archeologies. This is Water World, with a stock-pile of $2 billion, earning over $300K a year profit. Unfortunately, the game cannot handle so much money, so it crashes!

SimCity 2000: Water World

|| Name ||

|| Description || || Size || || Downloads ||
Game SimCity Classic Urban origins of the simulation game of sim people 1.6MB [an error occurred while processing this directive]
Game SimCity 2000 Well-known city simulation keeping you occupied for hours 10.5MB [an error occurred while processing this directive]
|| Cheat Codes ||
BUDDAMUS, ARDO or IMACHEAT .  .  .  $500,000 Funds and gives all technologies
FUND .  .  .  $10,000 Funds
CASS .  .  .  $250,000 Funds of a firestorm
PRISCILLA or OIVAIZMIR .  .  .  Debug menu
NOAH .  .  .  Flood, MOSES stops flood
GILMARTIN .  .  .  Military base
GOMORRAH .  .  .  Nuclear meltdown
JOKE .  .  .  Tells a joke
MRSOLEARY .  .  .  Fire
DAMN .  .  .  Churches take over your residentail areas
DARN .  .  .  Church disease
PORN .  .  .  Message: I can't get enough!
VERS .  .  .  Shows the version
MEMY .  .  .  Shows your free memory
Click on helecopter with center tool .  .  .  Causes helecopter to crash
When industrial, comercial, or residencial drops to zero or into the negative, save your city. Then reopen the city from File. .  .  .  After one month passes your demand, for all three, will increase. Do it again and the demand increases further
Pick an area on the outskirts of your city and de-zone a 3x3 grid

Place a single water pump in the center of this grid

Connect the water pump to power, don't connect to pipes

.  .  .  Stops water shortages
Clear a 3x3 square on when you get a fire then build a fire station on it puts out fire .  .  .  Puts out fire

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