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Due to the increasing popularity of this page as a starting point for the internet. I have added a cool new page showing all the sites I have contributed to and made. Please have a look at my sites, then send me some comments on what you think about the sites.

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A Aardman Amazing UK plasticine animators and film makers
A Abyss 18 Friend's cool site, subject matter is a bit unclear
A Ain't It Cool Everything hot on new movies
A Altavista Amazingly comprehensive search engine
A Arrakis Watch a new DOS strategy game develop
A Astro Services Astrology website with wide range of services
B The Badger Latest news from the University of Sussex - designed by me
B Beeb UK TV/Radio schedule, exclusive interviews
B Brushes Exceptional high quality water-colour brushes
C CGI Resources Fabulous resource for sites, you must go here
C CNET Downloads Shareware, Freeware and Pay-Per-Download
C Cult (BBC) Star Trek, Red Dwarf, X-Files. Cult heaven!
C Cornish Design Consortium of website designers in Cornwall
C Cybercount Huge selection of counters for your web site
C Dark Horizons Informative US site on films and TV
D DaHost Free hosting trials on very fast servers
D Derbauer Cool German flash site pre-loaders and design
D Design Extreme Amazing site design with an edge, plus cheap domains and hosting
D Digital Peninsula Initiative to bring new life into Cornwall - designed by me
D Dune II Nahoo site focusing on this classic game
E Electronic Arts Computer game makers
E Eye One Cool Macromedia Flash games
F Fifth Element Official Sony site for the film
F Fishy News Sounds real fishy to me
F Font Addict Some really groovy fonts to jazz up your computer
F FMJ Padlock Computer Security Systems - Safe computers
G Gateway Irish-made computer company
G Global Crew Network Tall ship recruitment service - designed by me
H AoE Heaven Definitive site for all AoE gamers
H Hexadome Amazing online, real-time strategy game
H HotMagma My hot all-round gaming site
I IGN Definitely the coolest gaming network
I IMDB Unmatchable number of movie reviews and stats
J Java Source Copy and paste free java
K KaZaA Australian based peer-to-peer network
K Konrab Friend's personal website with some neat design
K Krossfire Clan Post-apocalyptic strategy gaming clan
L Lycos FTP Search Efficiently obtain almost any file on the net
M Movies Latest movies releases
M MBT Top quality computer training services for Cornwall
N Nahoo Empire Cool site hosting service for related sites
O Ogre's Net Ogre's latest high-content strategy game site
P Party World Balloons, costumes and masks - designed by me
P PC Pro Computer magazine
Q Quintessential Tips Smoking tips and emporium of accessories
R Rabid Carnivores Neat Counter-Strike clan for enthusiasts
R Raging Search Clear and easy to use search engine from Altavista
S Seany Boy Online Loud Flash personal site
S Smile Extremely secure and fast online banking in UK
S Star Trek To boldly go to the official Trekky site
S Submit Corner Quickly submit your website to many search engines
S Sudoku Solver Create and solve any 3x3 and 4x4 Sudoku puzzle online
T Team 17 Computer game makers
T Tetra 2000 Downloadable custom designed wallpapers
T Through the Ages Ensemble Studios game information from Ogre
T Tripod One of the better free web hosting services
T Through The Ages Latest strategy revelation has its own network
U UCAS Search for the courses you want at UK universities
U USSU Presenting the Students' Union of Sussex Uni. - designed by me
V Valiant Computing Great computer suppliers with loads of bargains
W WarZone Strategy games WarZone - made by me
W Web Archive Truly amazing and unique backdates of the entire web!
W WinFiles Everything you could want for Windows
W World at Ruins On-going online roll playing strategy game
X X-Stream Free calls, anytime, through moderate UK ISP
Y Yahoo Excellent search directory
Z Zone Gamer's paradise deliving all the best multiplayer and online games

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