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Purple Splat

I have made a several custom missions using the highly buggy KME provided with the game. Treble Trouble has all three armies battling away for supremacy. You have a few Survivor units, from which you must set up a base and then destroy all traces of the Evolved and Series 9. With the Series 9, you lead a Camp Inspection through enemy territories. The Evolved mission, Oil Hunt takes you directly through enemy territory in order to setup a base due south. The first two missions have been remade due to invincible enemy units! If you have any comments, please contact Nahoo.

Trash the Evolved and Series 9 camps and destroy their armies. Their armies are strong, but nothing can stop you now!
- Loadsa fighting, with severe enemy forces to reckon with!
- Realistic Scenery, containing stagnant pools and old ruins
- Tried and tested to keep you busy throughout the mission
- Evolved (orange) and Series 9 (turquoise) as your enemies
- Tactical points and cliffs, strike your enemy's power supplies
- Enough room to build a massive base
KKND 2 Custom Mission: Treble Trouble
Attempts, the enemies, have been made to weaken and wipe clean a small, but strong Series 9 camp. Punish their insolence destroying their camps.
- Opponents include two Survivor and one Evolved army.
- Secondary AI base to help you krush the enemy
- Strategic points throughout map. Areas where both you and the enemy are vulnerable.
- Alternative attack options and enemy aerial offensive
- Oil points to fight over and burn
- Continual pressure from enemy camps throughout the game
KKND 2 Custom Mission: Camp Inspection
Move your forces across a hostile area to recover oil and resources behind enemy lines or face a watery grave.
- Islands covered in Survivors and Evolved units and AA towers
- Early scurmishes and later, major air and water based offensives
- Limited resources and space so careful planning essential
- Disused base to repair and expand upon behind enemy territory
- Larger building zone to build up a reasonable offensive attack
- Skill required throughout to avoid being overwhelmed by a ruthless enemy.
KKND 2 Custom Mission: Water World
|| OIL HUNT ||
Guide your precious Mobile Derrick through enemy territory and deploy on a large oil reserve in an abandoned base.
- Survivor flesh to disassemble throughout your journey
- Enemy units will chase you along your trail if you are not Meticulous.
- Skill needed to plot a safe (or less dangerous) route, through ground and air fire.
- Areas where certain units can and others cannot, with full usage of infantry and machines.
- Reinforcements to keep you going through the initially demanding phase of the mission
- Adequate supply of oil to grow an army nearly large enough to match the Survivors.
KKND 2 Custom Mission: Oil Hunt

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Missions Camp Inspection KKND 2 mission with more than meets the eye Screenshot - Click to view 760KB
Missions Oil Hunt Search for oil through enemy lines in this KKND2 mission Screenshot - Click to view 740KB
Missions Treble Trouble Three KKND 2 armies meet with disastrous consequences Screenshot - Click to view 730KB
Missions Water World Move your forces to recover oil and resources or face a watery grave Screenshot - Click to view 840KB
Purple Splat

All missions must be extracted to the following destination on your cdomputer: <game_dir>\levels\custom, for example: C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\levels\custom. Please contact Nahoo with your comments on all missions posted here. If you want to submit your own missions to Planet KKND 2, please contact the staff there.

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